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To engender real donor loyalty and create a community of advocates for your Charity, content marketing, and specifically the power of storytelling, plays a vital role in the marketing tool kit.

However, many Charities have limited internal resources and don’t have lots of time to create weekly blogs and newsletters. Therefore, it’s vital to be creative in order to get the most value from the informative and engaging content you are producing. Furthermore, when budgets are stretched, it is not easy to invest in promoting great content through PR channels, promoted social media posts and so forth, so it’s really important to enhance the value of your content marketing. Here are a few ideas on how to maximize the return on your marketing efforts!

  • Recycle your content

Don’t be afraid to re-use or recycle your content marketing. You can edit longer posts from whitepapers, annual reviews, press releases etc and create powerful sound bites for your email newsletters, Facebook page or blog. If you are sharing expertise you can re-format similar information and use again and again. A landing page sharing your ‘Top ten tips for hosting an event” for example, could be re-written completely and shared as a guest blog to deliver a valuable inbound link to your website. (A powerful way of improving your website ranking or SEO)

  • Re-mix existing Social Media posts

By mixing up the type of posts you make, adding different calls to action and images, you can essentially re-use the same case study or blog content. It’s a great way to test out what language, times of day and Hash-tags deliver the most value and fine tune future messages as a result. Try asking questions and using compelling, emotive headlines to grab your audience’s attention. Importantly always evaluate your post reach, engagement and the volume and behavior of traffic to your website, to better understand what works best for your charity.

  • Create branded images and Infographics

A picture speaks a thousand words and it is well documented that people are more likely to share posts with images. Free online design tools like Canva, enable you to use emotive headlines, photos and logos to create visual impact and engagement, quickly and effectively. Mixing up the images in your posts with different captions will enable you to promote the same message in different ways. Alternatively, if you have interesting statistics to share using bold, colourful infographics is a great way to showcase this type of data in an easy to digest format.

  • Harness the power of Video

The high impact nature of video is really transforming the content marketing landscape. Charities should take note and take the initiative by creating video content to introduce the team, tell stories, share case studies and update supporters on a regular basis. Better still, Go-live! Interview service users and staff, film fundraising events and create live streams demonstrating the value you add and creating powerful connections with your community. The beauty of live video on Facebook for example, is that your page followers will be notified in their timelines that you have “gone live” enabling you to reach more of your supporters in real time!

In conclusion, investing in your marketing and harnessing the power of story-telling through high impact emotive content marketing will pay dividends, but it also pays to think creatively about how to re-shape and re-cycle your content!

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