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Video is fast becoming a key part of the marketing tool kit, HOWEVER the key to successfully harnessing the power of film is all in the preparation! In short, before filming anything, plan ahead. Every film needs to have a clear purpose.


Jot down a little film brief that includes a rough outline of the script, the questions you are answering, or the story you are telling.  Remember, every film needs to contain useful content and nuggets of information people will want to watch and share on social media.

So, ask yourself who would care about what you’re saying and why?

What is the emotional response you’re trying to create?

Key questions to consider when planning:

a) Who is your target audience?

  • A prospective client? From what sector?
  • Existing customers?
  • Trade press / bodies? Bloggers?
  • Future employees?

b) What do you want the audience to learn from the film?

  • What is the ONE KEY MESSAGE they would remember if you asked them?
  • What are you trying to convey that will add value to and support your brand?
  • How will this film help you make your business become the company or employer of choice?

c) Where will you be sharing the video and how long does it need to be?

Target sound-bite films at around 30 seconds for social sharing and around 1.5-2 minutes in length for strategic films for your website.


It’s all about brand building!

Consider how the messaging in your film will build brand equity, demonstrate your expertise and create trust. Will the film show how you do things differently, showcase innovative use of technology, positive people management, e.t.c

For example, will the film…..

  • Position your business as best in class industry experts? Showcasing thought leadership?
  • Focus on customer service – response times, proactivity, problem solving, innovative use of technology?
  • Demonstrate company culture – energy, personal development, positivity, great communication?
  • Help someone solve a problem g give expert tips and advice.
  • Showcase a job done wellg a testimonial or case study talking about how you helped a client, or something that builds trust/credibility?
  • Share interesting company news? Introducing new staff, awards, promotion, new office, charity fundraising?

Remember: always ask yourself who cares about what you are saying and why?


Story telling

Have a beginning, middle and end.

Where possible, at the beginning briefly summarise what the film is about to encourage people to watch it.  This can be done verbally or with subtitles.

Similarly, where it’s appropriate, summarise what you’ve said at the end.  What do you want people to remember from this ‘story’?

Consider ending with a positive call to action e.g Interested in working with our business, what are you waiting for?  Give us a call!


Technical prep

To ensure film footage is going to look professional, consider the following:

  • Lighting – ensure all videos are well lit
  • Easy to watch – no wobbles! Have a tripod or something to keep device steady
  • Filmed from a good camera angle
  • Easy to hear – ensure there is no distracting background noise
  • Check you have Wi-fi or 4G is available if required
  • Feature your company branding in the background where possible


All-star cast

  • Check all the ‘cast’ are smartly dressed, have clean clothes, with collar straight etc.
  • Speak slowly and clearly
  • Try to demonstrate a positive, dynamic personality
  • Relax and smile!


Film Editors check list

  • Correct brand colours
  • Correct fonts in titles and other text
  • Spellcheck and grammar (get it proofread before sharing)
  • Feature brand logo and website URL on front and closing slides


Clearly there is lot’s to consider when creating video content for your charity or business, the devil is in the detail and thorough preparation will pay dividends!

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