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cameraThe charity sector is a close knit community and it is a credit to its members that they are so generous in sharing their expertise and the benefit of their experiences within the sector.

With technology changing by the day, it’s challenging to keep up with best practice, so when I had an opportunity to join a Charity Comms digital marketing event , I jumped at the chance!

The event was jam packed with inspirational speakers but one really stood out for me! I was incredibly interested to learn how Save the Children harnessed the power of Facebook Live last year.

It was fascinating to hear first-hand how the marketing team were able to create a heightened connection with the charity’s loyal supporter base.  Evidently the platform proved to be a fabulous way to tell real life stories and Save the Children were able to harness the power of likes and shares to maximise exposure to new audiences.

Importantly the speaker shared some powerful statistics which really hit home and are worth repeating:

  • Currently on Facebook, the posts with video included, deliver a 135% higher audience reach than those without.
  • A Facebook Live film will be watched three times longer than other videos and receive a 10 fold increase in comments.
  • Facebook will prioritise live videos in all news feeds this year maximising potential exposure.

In addition to these compelling stats, what’s great about live film footage is the authenticity it delivers versus pre-scripted video.  The immediacy and relevance of the marketing content is invaluable.  Facebook Live can be an engaging method of showcasing how your charity is impacting real life service users, here and now.

As marketeers we strive to deliver an emotional connection with our audience, creating a tangibility about the value of a charity’s offering. With Facebook Live you can deliver that in spades, whilst also creating a two way dialogue, where followers can ask questions and comment in real time!

The key thing to highlight is that the footage doesn’t have to be over-polished, the aim is to provide a real window on your world, the impact you make and the relevance to your audience.

So what can we learn from Save the Children’s Experiences?

  • Live footage can be a great way to launch and support big campaigns. They saw great results when they used it to support the “Every Last Child” campaign. Getting celebrity ambassadors in on the act really helped.
  • Put your user’s voice front and centre. For added engagement, chatting directly to service users is exceptionally valuable. Focus on interviewing people who have been impacted by donations, and are willing to share their own experiences of the life changing support provided.
  • Ensure you find a location with good lighting, minimal wind or noise interference.
  • Invest in a tripod or stand for your device and have a tech savvy person behind the camera.
  • Monitor your live feed, answer questions, and delete offensive comments immediately.
  • Promote an upcoming Facebook Live film in advance, across all your social platforms to maximise awareness.
  • Ensure the headline for the Facebook Live film is compelling!
  • Preparation is key! Scope out what you are planning to talk about. What are the key points you need to convey.
  • Shoot in landscape so footage can be re-used.
  • Ensure you have a strong Wi-Fi or 4G connection.

Finally ensure you test, evaluate & refine your Facebook Live footage. What content gets the most engagement, how long should the film be, what worked and didn’t work?

So as you can see, the Save the Children marketing team shared some fantastic advice and I am quite sure inspired everyone in the audience to think seriously about how they could harness the power of Facebook Live.

The reality is, there is no getting away from the fact that video is becoming an increasingly powerful tool in the marketing tool kit. So my advice is be brave, be authentic and Go Live!

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