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My Sweet Charity Compassion Crusade To Transform Lives Before It’s Too late…

Have we lost our ability to show compassion? An open letter to our nation’s future! This heartfelt #CompassionCampaign goes to all young people, care-givers  and front line service workers in the NHS, Police and other providers of vital support to vulnerable members of our community.

“Well its not like it was in my day,” I hear my-self saying time and time again, like my Nanna before me! But seriously …..when did we forget to focus on people’s basic needs of kindness, compassion and plain old builders tea and sympathy.  It is breaking my heart to witness the fall-out of Brexit, Selfies and our new found ego-centric survival mentality.

Where has our love thy neighbour spirit gone. When did it become acceptable to walk by on the other side when you see someone in pain, struggling to cope or lost and lonely.

frightened poorly NHS patient

I have witnessed first hand these last weeks the lack of compassion, time and resource we are facing and feel its time to take a stand. I met Betty,  a hit and run bike crash victim in my village practice, a well known elderly lady with altzeimers. Betty  HAD TO dust herself down, limp home AND following days of coping alone with suspected concussion, was send to A&E by a part time G.P via a walk home & a TAXI!    Seriously?

I myself have experienced a crisis in basic care provision following 12 weeks of cronic illness.  Opportunities to Xray, allergy test or refer to my Phychiatrists missed by 4 different doctors as I am passed from part time pillar to post having had my named G.P removed without prior consultation or a bye-your leave.  As a patient with longer medical history notes than an O.A.P this astounds me.    Can the government expect our over-stretched Gp’s to deliver quality care in a ten minute slot with a random stranger. It never had to be this way in my day when the village practice had a family G.P who hugged your Dad as he passed by to see our smiling Nurse…….

Isolation - coping on your own - you got this?

In a recent Hospital in-patient care I had to clean up my own sick and sleep on a towel as the nurses failed to find the compassion to help me. I was lost, frightened and vulnerable in my home-county hospital where I was right to expect better.  No smiles, no …”you look tired, how are you feeling today”.  No cup of tea or therapy to help speed my recovery. No kindness or compassion period. REALLY? I’m shocked beyond words. Can this really be the new base-level of community care.

Without the advocacy and determination of my family this last month I struggle to thin where I might be right now… but it could have well been 6 feet under…….

Compassion Crucade

So to conclude PLEASE Stop. Think. Hold a hand, smile and listen to your client, neighbour or a passing stranger. Please support my #CompassionCrusade to transform lives before It’s too late…..


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